Do cash offers on bank owned homes get better sales prices?

Yes! Cash offers typically beat out buyers with a VA loan because for there is a  mandatory VA fees paid by seller and the dwelling and deck must have a clear pest clearance. For dwellings built before 1978 there can not be any defective paint on the dwelling.  Now having said this I have seen many cash buyers over pay for dwellings because they forwent getting an independent appraisal. Smart VA buyers do not ask for sales concessions and offer $5,000  over the appraised value. The VA loan do not require the Veteran to come in with any money so offering an amount over the appraised value is the dwelling does not appraise makes the offer more appealing in comparison to other financed offers. Having had the privilege to serve our veterans as an appraiser for the last 10 years I see what it takes for them so get their offer accepted. Good Luck!